Soin de barbe

    A man without a beard is like a lion without a mane!


    Beard is the pride of a man. These days having a beard has become a new trend around the globe. Beard does not just make you look mature, handsome and smart all at the same time. It is a crown that no man wants to take off. The idea of having a clean-shaven face sends shivers down a man’s spine. 


    In the last few decades, beards have gained a lot of popularity. However, a beard serves different purposes for you. First, having a bushy beard protects your skin from UV damage. Studies show that thick beards are capable of blocking 95% of UV rays. 


    Men with the beard always have smooth skin hiding behind that bush. The chances of having acne for such men is quite slim. Shaving often gives you cuts. It also helps in the spread of bacteria that causes acne. Growing beard promotes healthy skin.


    Men with beards are perceived to be serious, mature and way more appealing to women compared to clean-shaven lads. 


    Summers and winters are testing times for those who do not have a beard. During these seasons, your skin becomes dry. Facial hair keeps your skin moist and nourished, thereby keeping you away from dry skin problems.


    Ladies, if you thought managing hair was the most difficult of all, then you probably never met a bearded man. However, managing a beard is a herculean task, and the grooming industry knows that. Therefore we have made a list of products that are mandatory for natural beard care. We will help you hold onto your best look with our Shaving & Beard Products.


    Beard Oil: If you plan not to spend too much on your beard care, then a good Beard Oil could be your best buy. Dryness and irritation are the most widely recognised health issues, and both can be solved by Beard Oil. Beard Oils from brands like Just for Men, American Crew are the best available in the UK market.


    Beard Wash: Your bushy hair is equally attractive to germs as it is to women. Beard Wash is exactly like hair shampoo, and it cleans your beard from all the dust. Do not use Beard Wash every day, instead use it twice or thrice a week. Excessive usage can make your facial dull and dry.


    Beard Balm: Struggling to tame that beast on your face?


    Don’t worry, and we got your back. Cosmetize offers Beard Balms that are your way out. Beard Balms are fit for all those who have a Medium to Viking length beard. Beard Balms help to shape, style and nourish your facial hair. 


    Beard Balms at Cosmetize UK are full of Shea Butter and Beeswax, giving you a stronger hold than beard oil. These are fit for big occasions when you want to style your beard the perfect way. 


    Other than these products you can also use Shaving Brushes & Accessories to groom the beard. Cosmetize offers Best Shaving Brushes & Accessories at Cosmetize.


    Men’s Beard Grooming is very important, and at Cosmetize, we’ve brought you completely natural Beard Care Products that are best suited for all skin types. Cosmetize Offers products that are the best available in the UK market. Brands like Paul Mitchell, American Crew, Sunny Isle and many more.  You can also purchase a complete Beard Care Kit that is available on our website at discounted prices. 



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