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    Summers are challenging for all, and added humidity further makes the situation worse. Girls with textured hair face great problems during the summer season. Extreme curly hair becomes unmanageable at times. Hair Relaxers are chemical straighteners that keep your hair fuzz-free and permanently smooth and straighten your curly, wavy hair. 


    Just as the term suggests, Hair Relaxer Products aid in relaxing your curls, making them manageable. In addition, Types of Hair Relaxers break the disulfide bonds present within your hair strands, allowing them to be physically managed and rearranged. 


    You cannot always have a good hair day, so invest in a Professional Hair Relaxer.


    Hair Relaxers are generally of three types: 


    Sodium Hydroxide: Sodium Hydroxide Hair Relaxers are popularly known as Lye Relaxers. These Hair Relaxers for Natural Hair are well suited for Wavy, Coily or Curly Hair.


    Calcium Hydroxide: Calcium Hydroxide Hair Relaxers are specifically recommended for sensitive scalps, but they can also be used for Wavy, Curly or Coily hair. Calcium Hydroxide Hair Relaxers or No-lye Hair Relaxers tend to dry out your hair; therefore, they are appropriate for oily scalps. 


    Ammonium Thioglycolate: Ammonium Thioglycolate is recommended for those who have Curly or Wavy Hair. The formula of Ammonium Thioglycolate is not that strong, and therefore it is not advisable for those who have Rough and Coily hair.  


    This guide about different types of Hair Relaxers will help you to buy the Best Hair Relaxer from Cosmetize UK. The amount of active chemicals present in your Hair Relaxer determines its strength. Professional Hair Relaxers that has mild active chemicals are effective for fine, damaged or colour treated hair. Regular Strength Hair Relaxers are a good fit for normal curly hair, and Super Strong Hair Relaxers are best for those who have coarse and springy hair. 


    If you are planning to get your hair relaxed, then you must emphasise post-treatment care. Relaxed hair needs extra hydration and care. Our professionals at Cosmetize have zeroed down some tips to maintain your hair in perfect shape.


    • Avoid Sulphate Shampoos: Use mild shampoos that do not have sulphate. Sulphate strips off natural oils from your hair. Sulphate Free Shampoo will maintain the moisture balance of your hair.
    • Daily Moisturisation: Moisturising your hair daily is the key to maintaining that straight hair look. Use Leave-In Conditioners for soft and silky hair.
    • Avoid Heating Tools: Using excessive heating tools for styling your hair can make it prone to breakage and damage.


    Hair Relaxers for Men are also available at Cosmetize. So go ahead and shop today before the offer ends.



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