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    Beautiful hair requires a Good Hair Brush, not a miracle!


    The right type of Hair Brushes & Combs is important while styling your hair. Hair Brushes and Combs are commonly found in everyone’s wardrobe. Although, have you ever paid attention to the types of Hair Brushes and Combs that you use? Not all Hair Brushes and Hair Combs are the same. There are a variety of options available. Hair Brushes & Combs are hairstyling tools that must be purchased based on the texture and thickness of your hair. At Cosmetize, we have different Hair Brushes and Combs for different occasions. The Hair Brush for curly hair is completely different from the Hair Brush for straight hair.


    Cosmetize UK has a large variety of Professional Hair Brushes and Combs, suitable for everyone.


    All Purpose Comb: All Purpose Comb is as versatile as the name implies. These combs are ideal for men, women and children. These combs are the best option if you want a quick fix and a consistent hairstyle. In addition, these combs are ideal for use at home.


    Fine-Tooth Comb: In a Fine-Tooth, the teeth are closely placed. These combs help you to gather your hair neatly in one place. For those who have thin hair, this hair comb is the best option. However, people with thick and frizzy hair should avoid using it. These combs can cause stress on your thick hair and cause breakage.


    Pick Comb: A Pick Comb comes in short handles and wide teeth. It can easily fit into your purse or wallet due to its small size. This comb is necessary for those who have frizzy hair or thick hair.


    Pintail Comb: Pintail Combs are ideal for those who have straight hair or are in the habit of using straighteners. The long tail of these coms helps in neatly parting your hair.


    Wide-Tooth Comb: As the name suggests, these combs have wide teeth. Wide-Tooth Combs are preferred for detangling your hair. In addition, using this type of comb saves your hair from stress and damage caused due to rigorous combing.


    Hair Detangler Brush: Detangler Brushes are good for all hair types. You can effortlessly use them on dry as well as wet hair. In addition, they minimise the damage that can supposedly be caused to your hair due to knots. Detangler Hair Brushes from Cosmetize have flexible hair bristles that easily detangle your hair.


    Wet Hair Brush: Just as the name suggests, these brushes are used for combing wet hair. Generally, people are of the view that brushing wet hair can seriously damage your hair, but it is the best option for those who have curly hair. Wet Hair Brushes from Cosmetize smoothly work on your toughest knots.


    Thermal Brush: Thermal Brushes can be put into the category of Professional Hair Brushes. These brushes are round or paddle brushes that have barrels made of any material that conducts heat. In Thermal Brushes, this material can be ceramic, tourmaline or titanium. These brushes are generally found with those who do blow-dry. At Cosmetize, we have Thermal Brushes from brands like Magic Collection and many more.


    Paddle Brush: Paddle Hair Brushes are a great choice for those who have long, straight hair. Due to its wide base, Paddle Brushes cover a large ground area while smoothing hair. Paddle Brushes available at Cosmetize from ghd & Beauty Works are a must-have for everyone.


    Vented Brush: Blow drying has become a part of your daily routine. A Vented Hair Brush is a great way to speed up your blow-drying process. The Vents present in these brushes allow hot air to reach all the layers of your hair and make it dry.


    Both Hair Brushes and Combs are equally important in your daily life. Therefore we have brought Hair Brush and Comb Sets. Cosmetize also has a pack of different Hair Combs in one. So hurry up and purchase today before the stock ends.



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