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    Lighten or tone your natural colour tresses with the help of Cosmetize exclusive range of Best Colour Removers and Toners.


    If you're looking for a Removing Hair Colour Product that lightens or tones your natural hair colour locks, then Cosmetize has brought you the range of Best Colour Removers and Toners for Hair.


    We're an e-commerce brand that specialises in selling beauty and cosmetics products. It is the reason why we have curated the list of Best Hair Colour Remover and Hair Toner Products and Brands such as ProVoke and many more at our online store.


    Colour Removers are utilised to strip colouration from hair, so you can use them to lighten dark locks.


    There are two ways of utilising colour remover: pre-lightening and direct dyeing.


    When the Colour Remover is applied to dark hair, it will cause a chemical reaction that releases hydrogen peroxide. It oxidises the natural melanin in the hair and therefore lightens it. After this process, a toner is also used; it will help seal in the lighter tones and lock them into place. It means that the hair will remain in this lighter tone, even after it has grown out.


    There are Different Types of Colour Removers available; they can be both home and professional, strong or weak formulations. The type used depends on the results required. More robust formulations are applied to dark hair to lighten it dramatically, while weaker solutions are spread over lightened hair to tone the colour.


    When combining with toner, your chosen toner must work on previously-treated hair. Otherwise, the desired results will not be visible. However, if most hair has previously been treated with a lightening agent, you can use a toner designed for natural hair.


    Colour Remover is applied directly to the hair before toning the colour. Either hand-placing or machine application can do it. The time required for the product to work depends on the formulation types; however, it should always be left on for at least 30 minutes. If this is performed correctly, you should see a noticeable difference in colour after the treatment.


    Toners are applied to the hair after bleaching or lifting action has occurred; they are used for toning down unwanted yellow tones. When using Toner, it will be vital to heat-style the hair afterwards to activate the pigments in the Toner. If this step is missed out, the colour you are after may not be visible.


    To do this, use a hairdryer on medium heat; it will help to dry up any excess moisture and push the pigment into the hair cuticle. It will also help to lock in your desired tone so that it stays locked in for longer.


    Alternatively, it can be applied to dry hair with a tint brush. Leave for 15 minutes (or per instructions on the box), then rinse out.


    If you have blonde hair, if it turns orange or brown after being bleached with a standard peroxide-based bleach, chances are when you tone it down with purple toner, this will turn your hair green. This green colour is the result of your blonde bleached hair being overlaid with a violet pigment. You have to remove this toner from your hair to get rid of the unwanted green toner.


    Suppose you already have a chemical dye on your hair, and it begins to fade after you're done with a bleaching process. In that case, the chances are that you may either need to reset your hair colour using another dye, or you may need to strip the chemical dye out of your hair. If the latter is necessary, then use a Colour Remover.


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